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VoipScan — unique operator for cheap international calls

The lowest prices on market. Guaranteed.

Why choose VOIPSCAN?

To make calls with VOIPSCAN no need for 3G or WiFi. Make a call from 0.003 €/min.

It’s cheap

We have cheapest rates in comparison with other companies.

It’s simple

WJust 3 steps to start making cheap internation calls.

No contracts

There is no need to conclude a contract. Complete a simple registration, you will get 1 Euro for your account... then just call!

Any phone

You do not need internet to make calls abroad. Whether you are far outside the city. Communication is always available to you.

How it works?

Unique operator for cheap international calls. The lowest prices on market.

3 simple steps to access cheap international calls

1 step

Free sign up complete a registration.

2 step

Get €1 bonus for your account.

3 step

Make calls anywhere you want.

Get €1 bonus for your account.

What’s new?

We constantly care about providing you with the most interesting terms and conditions, bring the quality of our voice calls to perfection, and strive to keep you happy with our low prices.

New numbers

Added opportunity to purchase additional numbers in more than 10 countries.