Categories of users that watch our advertisement

  • Women 25-36 years old
  • Women 36-60 years old
  • Men 25-36 years old
  • Men 36-60 years old
  • Senior мanagers and businessmen
  • Mid-level managers
  • Labour workers, drivers
  • Managers

Our specificity

Flexible system of targeting

We target users out of their age, gender, location, business
* a global newsletter is also provided to improve the quality of the proposed advertising

Reward video advertisement

Users are motivated to watch your advertisement and to visit your website till the end because after that they will get money. So you can be 100% sure that they will watch it.

It’s up to you

You yourself set a fee for one video viewing. It’s like an auction. An advertiser’s video that has a higher CPM is shown earlier.

Let's start cooperating on the most favorable conditions in the market

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The rules of advertising
User agreement

The rules of advertising

You can't advertise:
  • goods, production and (or) sale of which are prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. For example: counterfeit goods; services of registration by place of residence; diplomas;
  • drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors;
  • explosives and materials other than pyrotechnic products;
  • goods and services subject to certification / licensing, in the absence of the necessary certificates / licenses;
  • distribution (sale) by remote means of goods, the free sale of which is prohibited or limited by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • tobacco products and Smoking accessories;
  • medical services for artificial termination of pregnancy.
You can't advertise on the Internet
  • weapon;
  • risk-based games and wagers, as well as their organizers;
  • alcoholic beverages.
You can advertise with special requirements*:
  • lotteries and incentive events;
  • medicines, medical equipment;
  • health services;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • baby food;
  • financial service;
  • securities;
  • goods at the remote method of their sale.
  • information products subject to classification in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ "on the protection of children from information that harms their health and development."

*When specifying the appropriate certificates and licenses.