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How to call a number abroad

A call without an Internet connection through the link

Without Callback

Without Callback
  1. Click Create Contact.
  2. To make a direct call, check the Contact field.
  3. Into the first field, enter your phone number.
  4. Into the second field, enter the number you want to call; you will be given a local number to call.
  5. Call local number, and the system will connect you.

With Callback

With Callback
  1. Check Callback.
  2. Enter the number you will be calling from.
  3. In the second field, enter the number you will be calling; the system will provide you with the number.
  4. Call this number and the system will hang up. You will receive an incoming call; the dial tones will start after you pick up. The system will reach the called party, and as soon as he/she picks up, the system will connect you.

A call via SIP


  1. Click Menu.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Add account.
  3. A window like the one shown above will open.
  4. Enter the data from your personal account.
  5. MicroSIP is configured to work with Voipscan!


  1. Click Forward.
  2. Linphone
  3. Select «I already have a sip account» and click Forward
  4. Linphone
  5. Enter the data from your personal Voipscan account
  6. Click Apply
  7. Linphone is configured to work with Voipscan!


  1. Click the flag icon, select English.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the pop-up menu, click Create a new account.
  4. Zoiper
  5. In the menu that appears next, select SIP and click next
  6. Click Settings.
  7. In the pop-up menu, click Create a new account.
  8. Zoiper
  9. In the window that appears, enter username, password from your Voipscan personal account, and click Next.
  10. After that, click Next again.
  11. Zoiper is configured to work with Voipscan!

Call from the browser

Call from the browser
  1. To call from the browser, select the menu item «Call from the browser».
  2. Enter the number in the line, and click the «Call» button.