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Calling Sydney from USA 

VOIPSCAN is the application of the 21st century. You can call any international number without limits, it’s equally profitable to call to the cell phones as well as to the landlines.
Sydney is the largest city in Australia with the population of more than four million people. 

In 19th century the city was not as big and developed as it is now. Due to the gold discovery and mass migration after World War II, it has been maturing with every passing year. 

At the moment, Sydney is known to be one of the most comfortable cities to live in. Such industries as finance, manufacturing and tourism has made the city very advanced. 

EY, National Australia Bank, Lendlease, Macquarie Group, CIMIC Group, Westpac Group, Deloitte Australia, Commonwealth Bank, PwC Australia are the biggest companies that have offices in Sydney. 

Tourism is another profitable branch of Sydney economy. Travelers come here to enjoy Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Chinatown, etc. 

Many young people also come to Sydney to get some education here, as there are dozens of well-reputed universities in the city. 

Sydney is also still popular among immigrants from all over the world. People come to Australia due to very loyal and excessive immigration policy. 

If your friends, relatives or companions are in Australia, you’ll need all possible types of communication. Social networks and messengers are great for chatting with friends, but simple apps cannot provide full-scale communication for users. 

Telephoning cannot be replaced by any other tools and software. You may face the necessity to contact the embassy, to book a hotel or to call a bank, to talk to your family and friends. So to have cheap calls to Sydney is crucial all the time. 

And what if your business partners stay in Australia? You will definitely need to know how to call Sydney Australia from the USA 24/7 without any delays. 

The best way out is to choose special applications to make foreign calls cheap. 

One of such tools is Voipscan. Due to the development of VoIP technology Voipscan made it possible to offer calling Sydney from UK at very low tariffs. 

The advantages of the service are

  • In comparison with other software, Voipscan provides low rate oversea calls together with excellent call quality. For instance, calling Sydney Australia from Canada you will pay 0.013 euro per minute for landline phones and 0.024 euro per minute for mobiles.
  • With Voipscan, you are able to send free messages and call free with any other clients of the service.
  • You are always guaranteed to receive a call back if necessary.
  • Calling your friends or family without Internet connection is possible via the “link technology”. Voipscan generates a link for you to call any place you want if your Internet breaks down.
  • The price of the calls is honest. When you dial a number you immediately notice the cost of the call. You will not have to pay any other additional fees or charges. 

In order to start using Voipscan, you need to choose the version suitable for your device – Android, iPhone or a web one. You simply download the application and install it on your device. You can use a web version at the company website. Then the registration happens. It is very simple and quick if you follow the instructions. In a few minutes you are ready to make international calls without any limits and problems.

Free calls for watching ads!
Watch commercial ads and get bonuses to your account.

  • Depending on your actions, you will receive from 0.00014 to 0.0028 euro to account for watching ads.
    By making regular payments and watching ads, you will increase payments for you for 1 video from 0.0014 to 0.0028 euro and above. The system determines payments weekly.
  • You can watch ads by clicking on the “box” button in the “calls” tab.