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We constantly care about providing you with the most advantageous terms and conditions and bring to perfection the quality of our sound!

Best international connection

Low rates. Guaranteed dialler. The ability to call back.

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Free video calls and messages

Exchange messages and call through the VoipScan app absolutely free.

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Telephone calls to & from Czech Republic

Many people have relatives, friends or business partners living in Czech Republic, but foreign calls are very expensive. Many people are not able or simply do not have enough time to communicate through various online services and apps. VOIPSCAN allows making cheapest international calls to Czech Republic even from an offline device.

Cheap calls to Czech Republic landline

The entire world has already got used to mobile devices, but sometimes you have to dial landline numbers — for example, to some companies where a landline phone is a must. To make a cheapest way to call Czech Republic landline number, you need to register on our website, then «Create contact» in your personal account. The created contact will appear on your list with the number you need to call.

Cheap calls to Czech Republic mobile

Do you want to call your relatives and friends while on vacation or a business trip, but expensive tariffs do not allow doing this? Just sign up to our service, create a contact and make cheap International calls to Czech Republic mobile to mobile.

Cheap telephone calls to Czech Republic

You need to pass an easy registration process. You will need an email and a phone number: once you confirm your registration, you will receive an SMS to the specified phone number with your personal details.

When you enter your personal account, you see the instructions on the top on how you can make calls to Czech Republic via the SIP application. You can cheap VoIP calls to Czech Republic through the created contact as well, simply by dialing the number in the future.

After the registration, your balance will be automatically topped up by 1 euro as a bonus, thanks to which you will be able to test the connection quality and the convenience of our service.

Erase the boundaries between countries with VOIPSCAN!

Czech dial codes

Area Name Area Code
Czech Republic 00 420
Mobile Phones 00 420 60, 7, 93, 96
Brno 00 420 53, 54
Ceske Budejovice 00 420 38
Hradec Kralove 00 420 49
Karlovy Vary 00 420 35
Liberec 00 420
Olomouc 00 420 58
Ostrava 00 420 59
Pardubice 00 420 46
Plzen 00 420 37
Praha (Prague) 00 420 2
Usti nad Labem 00 420 47

Free calls for watching ads!
Watch commercial ads and get bonuses to your account.

  • Depending on your actions, you will receive from 0.00014 to 0.0028 euro to account for watching ads.
    By making regular payments and watching ads, you will increase payments for you for 1 video from 0.0014 to 0.0028 euro and above. The system determines payments weekly.
  • You can watch ads by clicking on the “box” button in the “calls” tab.