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Best international connection

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Cheap calls to Greece

Greece is an industrial – agrarian country. The capital of Greece is Athens. The population of the country is over 11 million people. Wholesale and retail trade are highly developed. The country has an extensive banking system. The activity of insurance companies became widespread, the volume of exchange transactions is growing rapidly. The main industries: textile, chemical, petrochemical, tourism, food and tobacco, mining, paper, cement and metallurgy. Electrical engineering, some types of mechanical engineering, production of building materials are developing. Greece has the third largest merchant ships in the world. There are 40 airports, 22 of which are international. If you need keep in touch with business partners or with your acquaintances from Greece VOIPSCAN helps you. VOIPSCAN is a free application for performing calls and chats.

Calling Greece from UK

Calls to Greece via VOIP-telephony are carried out at prices that are much lower than those of existing mobile operators or companies providing wired connection from landline phones to the country. Nowadays it is difficult to find a mobile operator or a company offering fixed communication services, which can handle with more advantages than VOIP-telephony. And the most important criterion is that with its help inexpensive calls to Austria from mobile phone to landline phone, or vice versa, are possible.VOIPSCAN is a licensed VOIP telephony operator. We regularly monitor the telecommunications market among existing competitors. It allows us to remain at the leading positions. Place confidence in us, you get the opportunity to make calls to Greece from the UK at a favorable rate https://voipscan.eu/rate/.Among other undeniable advantages are high quality of connection, continuity of conversation and crispness of voice. At any time you can easily call the bank, embassy, hotel, etc. No longer need tariff plans including extra countries.

Cheap phone calls to Greece

Thanks to the VOIPSCAN application, you can make lower priced calls anywhere. Call subscribers without compromising on quality at the best price. Calling via VOIPSCAN you can call on landlines and cellular phones for free.

VOIPSCAN is a communication without boundaries.

To evaluate all the advantages of the service, go through a simple registration and make the first free call.

We know how to make lower priced calls to Greece. You can make it via VOIPSCAN. We:

  • work transparently
  • do not handle with hidden extra charges on plans
  • offer to save time and cost

Extend the boundaries between countries with VOIPSCAN!

International call to Greece

VOIPSCAN is a convenient way to stay in touch with loved ones, acquaintances and colleagues. Thanks to the possibilities of VOIPSCAN you can call absolutely free of charge to any part of the world. We all like to communicate even if the person is not near to you. Everyone wants to talk to the utmost but save money at the same time. With VOIPSCAN service calls are the cheapest. VOIPSCAN saves your money but not time on your calls. Install VOIPSCAN application and have communication with your relatives, acquaintances and business partners without any limits and at cheap rates.

Once you should register, you will get SMS to your phone number with your personal details.

After the entering your personal account you see the instructions how make calls to different countries via the application.

After the registration you get a money bonus and use the opportunity to test our new advantageous application.

Greek dial codes

Area Name Area Code
Greece 00 30
Mobile Phones 00 30 69
Agrinio 00 30 2641
Alexandroupoli 00 30 2551
Athens 00 30 21
Chalchis 00 30 2647
Chania 00 30 2821
Corfu 00 30 2661
Heraklion 00 30 2325
Iraklion 00 30 281
Kalamata 00 30 2721
Katerini 00 30 2351
Kavala 00 30 251
Kozani 00 30 2461
Lamia 00 30 2231
Larissa 00 30 241
Mykonos 00 30 2289
Patras 00 30 261
Rhodes 00 30 2241
Serres 00 30 2321
Thessaloniki 00 30 231
Trikala 00 30 2431
Veria 00 30 2331
Volos 00 30 2421
Zakynthos 00 30 2695

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