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Best international connection

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Cheap calls to Norway

Norway is the state in Northern Europe. Norway is the largest producer of oil and gas in Northern Europe. Hydropower covers most of the energy needs, which allows exporting the most part of the oil. Norway is the largest aluminum and magnesium producer in Europe. The largest deposit of titanium ore is located in the south-west of Norway. Norsk Hydro is exceled in the chemical industry, which is the leading European supplier of nitric acid and complex fertilizers, urea and nitrate. Machine engineering specializes in the production of equipment for the oil and gas and oil refining industry. Another important branch of mechanical engineering is shipbuilding. The Norwegian maritime economy embraces a well-developed network of industries related to maritime transport and aquaculture, providing an ever-increasing variety of goods and services. It leads to the need for regular overseas calls with business partners or acquaintances / relatives in Norway. Not everyone can afford or simply have enough time to intercommunicate through various online services and apps. VOIPSCAN allows making lower priced overseas calls to Norway even from an offline device.

Call Norway from the UK

VOIPSCAN allows you to make phone calls to any point of the world. It is real to make overseas calls to Norway from the UK at the lowest price. VOIPSCAN is the application of the 21st century. VOIPSCAN has thousands of benefits. You can exchange messages and perform calls via VOIPSCAN absolutely free. The application gives the opportunity to make a phone call without the Internet through the link technology. VOIPSCAN is the opportunity to call both a cell phone and a local phone. VOIPSCAN offers high quality connection: without breaks, with a good audibility of the person on the other end. With the VOIPSCAN service you hear crisp voice of the person on the other end during the call. There is the ability to make phone calls without the Internet and without the Roaming. Register and try.

Calling Norway

Calling Norway through the Internet is a convenient way to be in touch with work colleagues or close ones. It makes no difference where your close friend is during the call. Do you often ask yourself how to make free calls through the Internet? Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to communicate with Internet users from anywhere in the world. If you are an active person who has large number of friends abroad, or are a happy owner of an expanding international business, or your relatives and friends live in Norway, then you will need information on how to make free calls through the Internet. The VOIPSCAN application will be your reliable assistant in it. We reduce the distance between people.

International call to Norway

Thanks to the VOIP-telephony, you can make calls anywhere. Call subscribers without compromising on quality at the best price.

VOIPSCAN is a communication without boundaries.

To evaluate all the benefits of the service, go through a simple registration and make the first free call.

We know how to make lower priced calls to Norway. You can make it through the VOIPSCAN. We:

  • work transparently
  • do not handle with hidden extra charges on plans
  • offer to save time and money

Extend the boundaries between countries with VOIPSCAN!

Once you should register, you will get SMS to your phone number with your personal details.

After the entering your personal account you see the instructions how make calls to different countries via application.

After the registration you get a money bonus and receive the opportunity to test our new advantageous application.

Norwegian dial codes

Area Name Area Code
Norway 00 47
Mobile Phones 00 47 4, 9
Akershus 00 47 63 to 67
Aust-Agder 00 47 37
Bergen 00 47 55
Buskerud 00 47 31, 32
Finnmark 00 47 78
Fredrikstad 00 47 69
Hedmark 00 47 62
Hordaland 00 47 53, 56
Kristiansand 00 47 38
More og Romsdal 00 47 70, 71
Nord-Trndelag 00 47 74
Nordland 00 47 75, 76
Oppland 00 47 61
Oslo 00 47 2
Ostfold 00 47 69
Rogaland 00 47 52
Sogn 00 47 57
Sor-Trondelag 00 47 72
Stavanger 00 47 51
Telemark 00 47 35
Tromso 00 47 77
Trondheim 00 47 73
Vest-Agder 00 47 38
Vestfold County 00 47 33

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  • Depending on your actions, you will receive from 0.00014 to 0.0028 euro to account for watching ads.
    By making regular payments and watching ads, you will increase payments for you for 1 video from 0.0014 to 0.0028 euro and above. The system determines payments weekly.
  • You can watch ads by clicking on the “box” button in the “calls” tab.