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Cheap calls to Romania

Romania is the State in South-Eastern Europe with the population about 19,5 million people. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Romania is an industrial-agrarian country with a relatively maturity of economy and with highly experienced labor. Oil production is one of the largest sectors of economy. Rompetrol occupies a large market share. Romania is one of the largest producers of oil and gas equipment. There are reserves and production of natural gas. The leading branch of agriculture is crop production, grain farming. Viticulture is developed. If you are an active person who has large number of friends abroad, or are a happy owner of an expanding international business, or your relatives and friends live in Romania, then you will need information on how to make overseas lower-priced calls. Your reliable assistant in it will be the VOIPSCAN application, which reduces the distance between people.

Calling Romania from the UK

The cost of international calls from a mobile or landline phones in our time should be cheap. New technologies allow people from all over the world to communicate without roaming, at the lowest prices, with excellent communication quality. Only some companies are capable to ensure a high level of service and we relate ourselves to such. Only we have the cheapest overseas calls. Thanks to VOIP-telephony, voice communication is transmitted through the World Wide Web - the Internet. It is the most important factor, thanks to which prices for international calls have become several or even more times cheaper.

How to call from the UK

How to make free calls on mobile via the Internet. VOIPSCAN helps you to make free calls. VOIPSCAN erases distance and boundaries between people. The application allows you to make overseas calls from any phone, just creating a contact in your account. Subscribers of the application can talk for free. We guarantee our customers reliable communication. You can easily make long distance and overseas calls to Romania from the UK at a very attractive price. Try the new useful VOIPSCAN application in action for free.

Calling via VOIPSCAN you call for free to landlines and cellular phones and it is not the issue that your subscriber does not use the same service. If you like to call through the local phone, then you will like the function of calls via a link. The link is a special number that VOIPSCAN assigns to your subscribers. These numbers are purchased by the service to provide its customers with cheap calls to the most faraway countries https://voipscan.eu/rate/.

Call US from Romania

We offer the new application VOIPSCAN that is able to surprise you with its cost. You may perform long-distance calls to Romania from different countries and visa versa. VOIPSCAN provides the opportunity to perform international phone calls at the lowest prices. Cheapness is one of the most important advantages of the application VOIPSCAN. Sign up and get a money bonus after registration. Call to any point of the world at favorable prices.

Why do thousands of people choose VOIPSCAN:

- Very low prices for calls around the world

- Ability to call without internet

- You can always call back, on the number that is determined

- Free calls between subscribers

- Convenient instant messenger

- A money bonus to account for all new users

Install the VOIPSCAN application and communicate with your relatives, acquaintances and business partners without any limits and at a bargain rate.

Romanian dial codes

Area Name Area Code
Romania 00 40
Mobile Phones 00 40 7
Alba 00 40 258
Arad 00 40 257
Arges 00 40 248
Bacau 00 40 234
Baia Mare 00 40 262
Bihor 00 40 259
Bistrita 00 40 263
Botosani 00 40 231
Braila 00 40 239
Brasov 00 40 268
Bucharest 00 40 21
Buzau 00 40 238
Calarasi 00 40 242
Caras-Severin 00 40 255
Cluj-Napoca 00 40 264
Constanta 00 40 241
Corvasna 00 40 267
Craiova 00 40 251
Dambovita 00 40 245
Dolj 00 40 251
Focsani 00 40 237
Gaesti 00 40 245
Galati 00 40 236
Giurgiu 00 40 246
Gorj 00 40 253
Harghita 00 40 266
Hunedoara 00 40 254
Ialomita 00 40 243
Iasi 00 40 232
Lugoj 00 40 256
Mamaia 00 40 241
Maramures 00 40 262
Mehedinti 00 40 252
Mures 00 40 265
Neamt 00 40 233
Olt 00 40 249
Oradea 00 40 259
Petrosani 00 40 254
Pitesti 00 40 248
Ploiesti 00 40 244
Prahova 00 40 244
Ramnicu Valcea 00 40 250
Roman 00 40 233
Sacele 00 40 268
Salaj 00 40 260
Satu-Mare 00 40 261
Sibiu 00 40 269
Suceava 00 40 230
Targu-Mures 00 40 265
Teleorman 00 40 247
Timisoara 00 40 256
Turda 00 40 264
Vaslui 00 40 235
Vrancea 00 40 237
Yulcea 00 40 240
Zarnesti 00 40 268

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