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Cheap calls to Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the 32nd most populous country. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine is an industrial-agrarian country. Metallurgy, power engineering (there are nuclear power plants and a cascade of hydroelectric power stations on the Dnieper River) are developed, as well as chemical and mining (coal, ore). The most important export item of Ukraine is the production of ferrous metallurgy, accounting for almost half of heavy industry exports. The chemical industry works in a single complex with metallurgy, using by-products of metallurgy and coke industry for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, varnishes, paints and medicines. Phosphorites, potassium salts and table salt are used for the production of mineral fertilizers, sulfur is used for the production of sulfuric acid. Oil and gas - both local and imported - are used to produce synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers. Also there are many immigrants from Ukraine in other countries. It leads to the need for regular overseas calls with business partners or friends / relatives in Ukraine. Not everyone have enough time to intercommunicate through various online services and apps. VOIPSCAN allows making cheap overseas calls to Ukraine even from an offline device.

Calling Ukraine from Canada

Thanks to the VOIPSCAN service, wherever you are in the world, your telephone communication will be at a high level and favorable terms. In addition to international communication services, our users have access to a wide range of functions and advanced features that are available in the Personal Account. You can make lower-priced calls to Ukraine, and vice versa, from Ukraine to all countries.

Cheapest way to call Ukraine

Those who have relatives or acquaintances living abroad know for a fact that communication costs a pretty penny them. That is why they are constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of such communication. In turn, we offer cheap tariffs for calls to Ukraine from a stationary computer to a cell phone or a local number. It is what makes the service so popular. Technically you can make calls:

  • from the browser
  • through the link
  • through SIP

Call via the application. Maintain communications with your relatives, acquaintances and business partners. Call via the link without the Internet connection. Create links and make overseas calls from any point of the world.

Cheap calls to Ukraine mobile

Modern communication technologies allow you to communicate with your relatives, friends and acquaintances through telephony. But to choose how to call to Ukraine – from residential telephone, from landlines phones, from mobile phones - choice of the user. Our company offers subscribers more favorable call terms through an innovative solution - VOIP-telephony. And also you can call within local numbers through the system. It is noteworthy that by this way it is possible to connect with subscribers not only from cities, but also from remote settlements of the country.

Cheap calls Ukraine

Thanks to the VOIP-telephony, you can make calls anywhere. Call subscribers without compromising on quality at the best price.

VOIPSCAN is a communication without boundaries.

To evaluate all the advantages of the service, go through a simple registration and make the first free call.

We know how to make lower priced calls to Ukraine. You can make it through the VOIPSCAN. We:

  • work transparently
  • do not handle with hidden extra charges on plans
  • offer to save time and money

Extend the boundaries between countries with VOIPSCAN!

Ukrainian dial codes

Area Name Area Code
Ukraine 00 380
Mobile Phones 00 380 39, 50, 63, 66, 67, 68, 9
Charkasy 00 380
Chernihiv 00 380
Dnipropetrovsk 00 380 56
Donetsk 00 380 62
Horlivka 00 380
Kharkiv (Kharkov) 00 380 57
Kherson 00 380
Kiev (Kyiv) 00 380 44, 45
Kryvyi Rih 00 380
Luhansk 00 380
Lviv (Lvov) 00 380 32
Makiivka 00 380
Mariupol 00 380
Mykolaiv 00 380
Odessa (Odesa) 00 380 48
Poltava 00 380
Sevastopol 00 380 692
Simferopol 00 380 65
Sumy 00 380
Vinnytsia 00 380
Yalta 00 380 65
Zaporizhia 00 380
Zhytomyr 00 380

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