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Best international connection

Low rates. The free directions. Guaranteed dialler. The ability to call back.

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Free calls and messages

Exchange messages and call through the app VoipScan absolutely free.

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Calls without Internet link

Call friends and family without the Internet through the link technology at competitive prices.

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Cheap calls to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom situated on the northeast Ireland. The country has historically been the most industrialized in the region.

Northern Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom in 1921 and at present most population think they are the Britons in spite of the past.

Northern Ireland has always been a very industrialized district. The most prominent branches are shipbuilding, rope manufacturing and textile. Recently, tourism has become important too. The major touristic places are Belfast, Derry, Armagh and numerous castles in the area.

A service sector is also crucial, as more and more people are engaged in it and it brings big profit to the country’s budget.

The newest fast developing branch is information technologies, because great deals of international companies are ready to invest in cheap and talented workforce from the country.

Thus, lots of people arrive to Northern Ireland every day. They come on holidays to see the magnificent landscapes and the picturesque scenery. The others go on business trips to make deals and meet new partners.

Regardless of the reason for your arrival in Northern Ireland, you will always need some means of communication. At the moment, the most accessible one seems to be telephoning.

Some people can argue that the Internet with lots of social networks and messengers is better from all sides. To some extent it is true, but there are still problems with getting online somewhere in the city. Besides, Internet connection remains unstable and provide poor quality sound.

There are situations when you need to make immediate decisions and to contact the embassy, to call hotel manager, to get in touch with a bank or even to chat with your family.

Cheap calls to Northern Ireland is the only way out.

The best solution to make international calls cheap is to use special telephoning tools.

Voipscan is one of most convenient tools. It allows to make cheap international calling Northern Ireland from Australia, for instance, due to the development of VoIP telephoning technology.

The key benefits of the service are

  • Voipscan presents low rates for internationals calls to practically any part of the world. For example, calling Northern Ireland from USA, you pay 0.007 euro per minute for landlines and 0.053 euro per minute for mobiles.
  • With the help of the service, you are able to call both landline and mobile phones, not depending on the operator or service provider.
  • The application guarantees excellent phone call quality and the ability to call back if necessary. The company is doing their best to improve the quality of the calls all the time reaching the possible maximum.
  • Being with Voipscan, you can send free messages and make free calls through the application.
  • You can use Voipscan for any purpose you wish – to call on business or to chat with friends.
  • If there is no Internet connection, you can call with the help of “link technology”. The application generates a link for you to call where you want. You can easily set up calling Northern Ireland from Republic of Ireland with the service.
  • When you register for the first time, you get one euro bonus on your account.

To start working with Voipscan, you need to download and install it. There are Android, iOS and web versions. You choose what suits your device.

After joining the service, you create your personal profile and dial a number.

You will see the cost of the call immediately. Then you are able to start telephoning at once. Your calls can last without any limits with positive balance on your account.

1 Euro to the account as a bonus when you first sign up! At our prices it will last a long time!

Calls via the application

Stay in touch with your relatives and friends with the Voipscan application. Download and communicate.

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Calls via the link without an Internet connection

Create links and talk to your friends in various countries, and make calls right from your browser!

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