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Balance and payment

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Rate plans

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Closing personal account

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Two-way communication

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Migrating sponsor contacts

If the sponsored person also becomes our customer, in his personal account we automatically create contacts where he was sponsored. They will be visible after registration and entering your ...

How to delete a contact

Contacts are deleted from the «Contacts» tab in your personal account. Click the second button on the right from the contact, go to settings, and click «Delete».

How to set up a contact

Contacts are added and set up either through the personal account in the «Contact» tab, or from the homepage of the portal after the procedure of simplified registration.

A sponsor contact

In case of a sponsor contact the calling party is one of your acquaintances, friends, relatives, for whom you have created a contact through your personal account, or from the homepage ...

Basic contact version

In the basic contact version, you are the calling party yourself. Money is debited from your personal account.

How to see the service price

Basic services do not contain subscription, only connection fees. For information, see an answer to question "How to view rate plans". The price of premium services in the near ...

How to disable a service

All basic services will be disabled immediately after termination of the contract. To initiate a service, write as email. Disabling premium services in the near future will be available ...

How to connect a service?

All basic services are available to you immediately after registration. Setting up and activating premium services will be available in the near future through the personal account in the ...

Premium services

Our company constantly works on introducing new premium services for our clients. Our nearest plans are adding group calls and SMS2Call services.

The list of our basic service

Calls to international destinations through local numbers in created contacts at optimal rate plans. Calls from the Internet, from the personal account.

A call from the website

At present, you can call your friends and acquaintances from the Internet via your personal account through the already created contacts in tab "Contacts". And through the ...

No ring-back tone

Most often, the problem is on the side of the terminating operator (the operator that delivers the call to the B-number). If the problem persists, write us at email

Long connection delay

The operators may have problems with call delivery to B-number at the moment. If the problem persists, write us email.

Monitoring made call

You can monitor your made calls in the «Calls» tab in your personal account. On this page, you will find complete information about calls history.

Call could not be made

The main reasons are: insufficient balance (it may be checked in your personal account, and you are informed about it by the system), B-number unavailable at the time of call due to ...

Rate plan currency conversion

We work with operators in many countries. We use various currencies for rate plans. The rate is converted into the currency of the client according to the current official exchange rate ...

Changing rate plans

Rate plans are changed rather frequently. It depends on constant monitoring of the market in the search for the optimum operator, and changing the ring for the destination for already ...

How can you see our rate plans

You can view our rate plants in block «Calculator» on the homepage. By selecting the country and entering the number to dial, and pressing «Calculate» in the block on the right, you will ...

Long distance charges

he rates offered by the operator are set ONLY for international calls. The cost of a long-distance call within country from the region (location) of the Subscriber to the region of ...

Possibilities with zero balance

At the moment, with zero balance you may only enter your personal account and make adjustments, as well as top up your balance. To the right from the balance, the top header of the personal ...

Methods of balance refilling

All methods of refilling are available from the personal account after registration. To the right from the balance, the top header of the personal account contains the refill button… After ...

Monitoring charges

You can monitor your charges in tab "Calls" in your personal account. It is also useful to use "My benefit". It shows your approximate benefit for 1 year if you used our ...

Why the balance decreases

The balance may decrease due to the following reasons: You make calls from your personal account You or your acquaintances use your contacts.