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A call from the website

At present, you can call your friends and acquaintances from the Internet via your personal account through the already created contacts in tab "Contacts". And through the ...

No ring-back tone

Most often, the problem is on the side of the terminating operator (the operator that delivers the call to the B-number). If the problem persists, write us at email

Long connection delay

The operators may have problems with call delivery to B-number at the moment. If the problem persists, write us email.

Monitoring made call

You can monitor your made calls in the «Calls» tab in your personal account. On this page, you will find complete information about calls history.

Call could not be made

The main reasons are: insufficient balance (it may be checked in your personal account, and you are informed about it by the system), B-number unavailable at the time of call due to ...