How to make free calls for viewing ads?

It's simple: the application has the same functionality as well-known instant messengers. Just install the application with your acquaintances and friends and call for free. The application will determine if your interlocutor has the Internet. And if it is not, a beeper will sound and the call will be automatically redirected to a regular phone. It will be a paid call.

  1. In the “calls” tab (on Android on the top left of the screen, and on Apple on the top right of the screen) there is a gift box.
    By clicking it, you will be shown commercials.
  2. You can watch up to 35 videos per day.
    We pay from 0.00014 to 0.0028 euro and more for watching each video.
  3. The size of the bonus depends on the frequency of your payments, on their amounts, on what actions you do after watching ads and other indicators. Amounts may be more.
  4. I’ll try to pay you this money.
    Use them for calls.